RGB Community Exhibition

Experimenting with the idea of color photography began as early as the 1840s, however it was not until 1855 when Scottish physicist James Maxwell introduced the three-color method, the first method to produce practical results. This three-color method became the foundation for virtually all practical color processes thereafter, whether chemical or digital. Despite the ubiquity of color photography in the present day, it took until the 1970s for the medium to be taken seriously among photography critics.

                                                                          Submission by Anjum Ahmad

To celebrate color photography, GPP has inviting the photography community to present their work in a themed exhibition based on the fundamental color model RGB. GPP invited submissions that showcase the colors: red, green and blue, which by virtue of their additive properties create different colors when combined.

The resulting exhibition will feature images that span a wide range of genres from abstract photography to landscapes, from portraits to still life, street photography and more. 

The RGB exhibition is our third annual community photography exhibition curated with a view to showcase local and regional talent. 

Images will be curated by GPP and exhibited at the GPP gallery space, which will open on May 18th from 7pm onward and will run till July 25.  The opening night on May 18 will run from 7pm onwards and is open to all.

Submission by Sreeranj Sreedhar