No Place Like Home

The adage “no place like home” reminds us that there is no substitute for that comfort of home. At the same time, home is often not a place at all, but a feeling, and as the place we call home may dissipate for pragmatic or political reasons, the feeling of home can be embodied in other ways to stay with us. In our open call for our annual community show, we asked photographers from around the world to submit work that is unique to their personal sense of home.

Among the submissions, interpretations of “home” varied from tender moments of physical togetherness to vignettes of personal items to that ever-comforting home within a home: bed. From the suburbs of Seattle to the valleys of Kashmir, this exhibition traverses the globe, exploring a sense of home that is common to all of us and, yet, unique to each of us.

Photographers: Anne Ackermann, Ammar Al Attar, Ali Al Shehabi, Shaima Al Tamimi, Hussain AlMoosawi, Sandra Catarina Ferreira, Francesca Cesari, Maria Consuelo-Vargas, Md. Enamul Kabir, Muhcine Ennou, Jean-Luc Feixa, Hana Gamal, Lamya Gargash, Lauren Grabelle, Stephane Guillaume, Robert Lie, Liu Liu, Noora Moosa, Augustine Paredes, Camillo Pasquarelli, Sarah Pannell, Charmaine Poh, Ashkan Shafaati, Laramie Shubber, Eric Tomberlin, Sandra Zarneshan


Image by: Lauren Grabelle