Majority World Photo Exhibition at GPP

 Gulf Photo Plus looks forward to welcoming visitors to the gallery space for opening night on September 15 from 7pm onward to meet and chat with two of the five exhibiting photographers which include Pablo Corral Vega (Ecuador), Shadi Ghadirian (Iran), Khaled Hasan (Bangladesh), Neo Ntsoma (South Africa), and Dominic Sansoni (Sri Lanka) with the support of Majority World Chairman and world renowned photographer, teacher and activist Shahidul Alam.  Kahled Hasan and Neo Ntsoma will join Shahidul Alam in leading a discussion hosted at Gulf Photo Plus on September 16 at 7pm.  The talk is free to attend; however registration is required, click here for registration.

A National Geographic contributor, Pablo Corral Vega will share a stunning selection of work titled “My Garden in the Wild”.  Corral Vega was greatly affected by the loss of his fiancé, Carolina Hidalg, in a car accident in 2013. A year after her passing it was the Ecuadorian gardens near Corral Vega’s childhood home that brought back to him a sense of peace.  Dedicated to Hidalg, the wild garden project is a series of photos capturing the untamed beauty of the Ecuadorian landscape, both powerful and still. 

Born and raised in Iran, Shadi Ghadirian studied photography at the Azan University and has since exhibited her work widely within Iran and worldwide.  Presenting a series titled “Like Everyday” Ghadirian challenges internationally preconceived notions of the role of women in an Islamic state.  Playfully wrapping women with items that relate to household chores, Ghadirian pokes fun at issues surrounding the traditional roles typically attributed to women, both within the Middle East and around the globe.

 Born in Dhaka in 1981 Khaled Hasan began as a photographer is 2001, telling the narratives of the land that shaped him, Bangladesh. ‘Dhaka…My Dream’, is the title of the work Hasan will be exhibiting in the GPP gallery space; a series of multiple exposure images that illustrate the city of Dhaka and its feverish growth, alongside the identity and struggle of the individual.  With a population over ten million, Dhaka is the keeper of strong survivors, restless migrants and climate refugees. 

 Neo Ntsoma was born and raised in South Africa, where she pursued studies in film, television and photography. Presenting a series titled "Generation of Change" her work is a tribute to the youth that have shaped the future of South Africa through their achievements post Apartheid. Celebrating 20 years of democracy and freedom in South Africa, Ntsoma has photographed the vibrant black youth culture that has emerged; a story of youth in South Africa that is very rarely told.

Born and raised in Sri Lanka, Dominic Sansoni has extensive experience shooting news and travel throughout Asia.  Having produced a variety of books illustrating his work, Sansoni will be exhibiting a series and book titled Colombo 14.  An extraordinary neighborhood, the municipal district of Colombo 14 is a multicultural and multi religious community.  Within close proximity to one another, Buddhists, Catholics, Hindus and Muslims coexist with dignity and grace, celebrating and living side by side harmoniously.


About Majority World


Majority World is a photography agency with a difference, working with talented

photographers from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

Majority World specializes in sourcing high quality images from these diverse continents, which provide unique insights into local cultures, environments and development issues.

Majority World also works with client organizations to commission assignments for photographers, who have the advantage of being able to understand and access the language, lifestyle, and locality - because it is their own.

Majority World is also a social enterprise - with a mission to create equal opportunities for their pool of talented photographers, while communicating authentic visual stories to the rest of the world. Majority World aims to nurture and promote their creative talent and open new channels for them to tell their own stories, as well as the opportunity to establish their own digital enterprises.

Majority World is an initiative of Drik. Drik is a picture library based in Bangladesh, that pioneers multimedia and journalistic skills in the region as well as being a champion for free and open media.  In keeping with this heritage, Majority World’s senior management are experienced practitioners from the ‘majority world’ itself. Majority Worlds operational hub is in Sri Lanka, but it maintains a presence in London in order that we can provide high standards of service to international markets.

For the communities in which Majority World works, they see doing business as a tool for doing good - every image purchased, every feature published and every assignment completed is making a direct economic impact.  For the talented photographers Majority World works with, they are opening doors - creating visibility, market access, and respect.