CMYK Community Exhibition

The exhibition has been extended to June 15, stop by GPP and check it out!

GPP is at the heart of the photography community in the Middle East region and the CMYK community exhibition aims to spotlight talented individuals that connect with GPP everyday. 

Through the CMYK exhibition call for submissions GPP reached out to the local and international community of photography enthusiasts, encouraging them to submit work for the chance to be featured in the next GPP exhibition.

Chosen as the theme for the exhibition CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black [Key]) comes from the CMYK colour model used in the printing process, and also denotes the four categories of the show. With over 1000 submissions, this open call has resulted in a variety of powerful images spanning a wide spectrum of genres including landscape, macro, portraiture and abstract work. 

The exhibition will offer a platform for the photographers selected from the submissions to share their work with the community, while exhibiting inspiring and unique images from the region and beyond for gallery visitors to enjoy.

The CMYK exhibition is graciously supported by Canson Infinity Fine Art & Photographic Media on which the exhibited images are printed.

Click here for a location map to GPP in Alserkal Avenue.