The Roots of Success

Born in 1941 in Nablus, Palestine, Ahmad Junaidi presents the beauty of UAE to the rest of the world within its people's honesty and simplicity of living.

Ahmad Junaidi, graduate of Agfa-Gevaert School in Antwerp - Belgium in Photography, is a professional photographer who came to Abu Dhabi in 1968 when there were no high buildings or vast developments in the city. His passion was to document images of everyday life, which later, he could share with his family at his home country. Pursuing his dream, he managed to open in 1972 the first colour studio in Abu Dhabi called "Alwan" (meaning colours), dealing mainly with the private and government sectors.

Moreover, he became one of the few fortunate photographers of that time to present the beauty of the UAE culture and traditions to foreigners on prints. He documented Bedouins life, Fishermen life, Falconry life, Camel Races, UAE Forts and Mosques, Landmarks and Local Celebrations - careful to seek citizen's permission to be photographed. He was also one of the few photographers to take photos of H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, peace may be upon his soul. Today, Ahmad Junaidi shares a glance of the roots of the nation's success to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the United Arab Emirates.