The Art of Analogue | Shooting Film in the Digital Age

Join us for a free talk on the art of analogue photography with photographers Nadia Bseiso, Lamya Gargash, and Abdalla Kroosh in conversation with GPP director Mohamed Somji. Addressing topics from personal practice to top tips and essential rules for shooting film, this talk aims to break down misconceptions surrounding film photography and to strip away the mystery and skepticism that often accompany this eloquent medium in the digital age.


The talk will be followed by a 30-minute live demonstration on how to develop your own film and different development techniques available to photographers to achieve unique effects in their final images. 


Artists will be available following the talk for questions.



About the Artists


Nadia Bseiso is an Amman-based documentary photographer and internationally exhibited artist. She focuses on long-term and human rights projects, and she currently works with several regionally and internationally-based NGOs. 
Lamya Gargash is an internationally exhibited photographer and the first Emirati artist to represent the UAE at the Venice Biennale back in 2009. She has participated in film festivals around the world and received multiple awards for her photography and film work.
Abdalla Kroosh, founder of the UAE Analog Photography group, is an engineer with a passion for photography and a dedication to connecting and empowering like-minded creatives in the UAE. His focus is on the process of shooting film, from planning the shot to final development.