The 3 Orbs - A Series of 28 Sightings by Jalal Abuthina

The 3 Orbs is a quirky photography exhibition that centers around random sightings of 3 mysterious, unidentified flying objects that have been  appearing throughout and above Dubai over the past 10 months. The series combines left-field public installation work, and forced perspective camera tricks that have been woven into a sci-fi themed visual narrative that can be read alongside the exhibition at the restaurant. 

All photographs are genuine captures, and have not been digitally re-created or manipulated.

The “The 3 Orbs”  exhibition is an initiative between Bentoya Kitchen and Jalal Abuthina to support showcasing locally produced artwork outside conventional art spaces in the city, and to present and have the work available for purchase in a more accessible and affordable manner to the general public.

Call 04 3430222 for more info.