'Spaces That Remain' Talk with Jalal Abuthina and Rashed Almulla

Join us for a talk and artist tour at the opening of the Spaces That Remain exhibition at the Mosque of Reflection in City Walk. Curator of Spaces That Remain, Rashed Almulla, and the photographer Jalal Abuthina, will be in conversation about the history of the mosque and the communities that inhabited the areas around it, as well as about Jalal's photographic practice. Jalal has been documenting the rapid changes in the area surrounding the mosque since 2004 and has produced a large body of work that tells a larger story about the city's urban development. This event is free to attend with registration and open to all. 


About the speakers


Jalal Abuthina is half-Irish and half-Libyan but has been a resident of Dubai for more than 20 years. He is the creator, photographer, writer and publisher of a 3-set series of books about Dubai, published under the name Inside Dubai. Produced as an alternative to the city's PR driven and overtly commercial representation, Inside Dubai offers an in-depth visual account of the older districts of the city that has been documented over a 10 year period. Abuthina also runs a boutique photo agency in Dubai specialising in professional coverage and management of photography and video requirements for corporate events and business conferences.


Rashed Almulla is an independent researcher who primarily focuses on Dubai’s urban history and planning. Almulla graduated from London School of Economics in Regional & Urban Planning Studies.