Souls Against the Concrete

Khalik Allah is a New York-based photographer and filmmaker whose work has been described as "street opera", simultaneously visceral, hauntingly beautiful, and penetrative.  His primary source of inspiration derives from the people he photographs on the corner of 125th and Lexington Avenue in Harlem, a project which has developed into a documentary film, as well as a book, entitled Souls Against the Concrete.  

Shooting analogue at night using only the artificial light that pours from storefronts, street lights, cars, and flashing ambulances, Khalik Allah captures dignified portraits of a marginalized community that has found themselves, for one reason or another, living on the street or merely passing through.

In addition to exhibiting his powerful collection, Souls Against the Concrete, Khalik Allah will be unveiling a new series portraying individuals from the Arab diaspora living in New York City, in partnership with Cadillac.  The co-created collection continues the campaign by Cadillac titled ‘Arabs of New York’ that aims to highlight the contribution and affect Arabs have had in America.


Exhibited in Alserkal Avenue's newly opened multi-disciplinary space, Concrete, the opening night on Feb 6th will kick off Dubai’s week-long event, GPP Photo Week 2018.


See more work by Khalik Allah on his website.


You can also purchase Khalik Allah's photo book, "Souls Against the Concrete", at GPP for US$ 45 (excluding VAT).