Slidefest 18 | Theme: COMMUNITY

Gulf Photo Plus is pleased to announce the next, 18th edition of Slidefest – a night of photography projections, filled with conversations, storytelling and interesting new projects from UAE-based photographers.


There are some winds of change about the upcoming Slidefest that we are sure will only make it more exciting and meaningful. First of all, we’re moving the projections to the Alserkal Avenue, where photography finds itself in its natural environment of contemporary art. Slidefest 18 will take place at E46, a few doors down from GPP. Secondly, because we are moving the Slidefest to Alserkal Avenue – a community oriented cultural hub – we will dedicate the projection night to communities seen through photography.


Dubai boasts a diversity and richness of communities that have been shaping its cultural and urban landscape in the past half century, giving their particular flavor to a multicultural environment we currently live in.


There will be some amazing presentations delving into the specific communities of Dubai, like the work by Xyza Bacani, documenting the local Philippine community, or by Ekta Saran, looking at the communities of old Bur Dubai. There will be projects about communities from the other parts of the globe as well as some unexpected ways to look at the life of a community thought urban design and architecture.


Always FREE to attend but spaces are limited so register your space


Ammar Al Attar
Hussain Al Moosawi
Xyza Bacani
Gerald Donovan
Reem Falaknaz
Katarina Premfors

Ekta Saran