Printing Workflow & Color Management

Legendary photographer Ansel Adams once said "The negative is the score. The Print is the Performance”. The arrival of digital has made this even more apparent. With more and more images appearing on phones, tablets, and websites - these mediums can be seen as just one half of the artistic process. The photograph feels different when it sits in your hand. The permanence of a print testifying that no other correction needs to be made. Your image in its final form - a legacy that can be left behind, framed, admired & sold. Technology helps us in letting us reach that vision from the comforts of our home.

Come join Kelby One instructor RC Concepcion for this session where he will go over the entire process of making a great print using the HP Z3200 printer and the Zbook 15. From the point of capture, its important to follow a solid workflow to ensure that you can get the most out of your megapixels. Color Management, ICC, Sharpness, Tonal Adjustments, and Finishing are invaluable components to the print process. RC will also talk about paper and how this can affect the feel of the image. While these techniques are influential in making a great print - they also help you make compeling images for the web and mobile devices.

Learn more about RC and see his work here.