Potential Avenues for Analogue Photography

In recent years, the UAE has seen a resurgence of interest in analogue photography, a trend that has some photographers leaving their DSLRs at home in favor of dusting off the film cameras from the attic. While there are some challenges to being an analogue photographer in the UAE, a resourceful and devoted group of analogue aficionados has been instrumental in building a grassroots movement for film photography: Analog Photography in the UAE. With key members of this club volunteering their time to initiate budding analogue photographers into everything from where to buy film, how to scan negatives, or how to get around a darkroom, the analogue ecosystem has been able to make remarkable strides forward.


In this Spotlight Talk, Jed Bacason, veteran member of the Analogue Photography in the UAE club, will take the stage to share how anyone in the UAE, even those new to photography, can take their practice forward in 2019 with the resources that are readily at hand.