Perspectives On Photography

Green Art Gallery is pleased to present a group show that focuses on the use of photography both as a medium and as a form of inspiration. Exhibiting artists include Ahmad Moualla, Jaber Al Azmeh, Zsolt Bodoni, Jung Lee and Nazif Topcuoglu.


Syrian artist Ahmad Moualla has become well known for his beautifully painted and highly dramatic canvases. Often composed on a grand scale, Moualla’s theatrical paintings wrestle with the often strained relationships between society and the individual; of the power of past and present icons and by the increased blurring of line between reality and fiction, and the conscious and subconscious mind. In the works on view Moualla focuses instead on small-scale paintings on board thereby resembling black and white photographs that provide a snapshot of a troubled society.


The work of Hyngarian painter Zsolt Bodoni is often inspired by and sourced from photographs documenting old masters. The artist first attempts to peer beneath the glaze of the “original”, searching for the skeleton underneath, then, from his own reproduction he invents new elements, or changes the proportions - a process which he describes as similar to the act of “hacking” - his role that of a virus that invades the unique masterpieces, this changing our reading of the past and redefining our understanding of originality. On view are Bodoni’s delicate acrylic on photography works which from the basis of many of his large scale paintings.


The exhibition highlights the photographic oeuvres of 3 artists who work primarily in the medium: Korean artist Jung Lee’s landscape images are paired with Turkish artist Nazif Topcuoglu’s nostalgic take on youth and the golden age. These works are a stark contrast to Syrian artists documentary works on the Syrian crisis.


For more information, please contact the gallery at or +971 4 346 9305