Panel | Giving Voices To Lions

Panel Participants: Khalik Allah, Maggie Steber, Chndy, and Nadim Ghrayeb (Head of Marketing, Cadillac Middle East)

Moderated by: Mohamed Somji


As the proverb goes, “Until the lion learns to speak, every story will glorify the hunter.” For much of its history, photography has followed a framework in which the hunters and their lenses speak on behalf of the lion, as outsiders tell the stories of their subjects. This problematic paradigm is by no means eradicated, but the proliferation of photography in recent years has challenged - and perhaps even shifted - that paradigm. Not only have cameras become ubiquitous, but our increasing interconnectedness means that photographers and their audiences have a direct link to one another, circumventing the traditional gatekeepers of the narrative.

This panel, moderated by GPP Director Mohamed Somji, will address the complexities of representation in art and photography, with an eye to understanding how photographers are reclaiming narratives to create authentic portrayals of their environments, and how best to encourage this paradigm shift.


You can purchase Khalik Allah's photo book, "Souls Against the Concrete" at GPP for US$45 (excluding VAT).


Following the panel, join us for a social evening at Xenny Terrace, Holiday Inn Al Barsha. All are welcome.