My Ramadan

"My Ramadan” Photography Project started as one photographer’s idea to grasp and share the spirit of Ramadan and rapidly turned into a platform that allowed our photographers to develop their skills and expose their work to international viewers. Every day the artists pushed the boundaries of their own imagination and struggled with the August heat to reflect the very essence of the Holy Month. This interactive project also allowed all the page guests to share their Ramadan experience and inspired many cultural dialogues. The success of this unique initiative has shown that many amateur photographers are ready to learn and to take up the challenge and with a little guidance they grew their knowledge and confidence while raising cultural awareness.
The most captivating and popular images from the project can be seen at The Fridge from the 22nd of October until the end of November.
Attendants of the opening evening on the 22nd will have a chance to meet the photographers and discuss future plans of the project.
The event can be seen on FB here.