Life is Too Short

As a result of the accelerated speed of life, the topic LIFE IS TOO SHORT has been the subject of philosophic and artistic discourse since the industrial revolution. New media, such as photography and video has transformed the way in which we contemplate life and is the modern answer of artists to the era in which we experience 48 hours within one day!

As a collector, I have been asked whether photography and video installation can be considered as Art.

I share the opinion that photography and video installation are the continuation of artistic expression in an age of advanced technology. Time is a rare commodity in our fast-paced modern world. New media enables us to instantly and continuously capture those fleeting moments that might otherwise be missed.

SPM is pleased to showcase a selection of modern and contemporary photography and video installations from the Salsali private collection.

In addition to the main body of the exhibition, I would like to introduce the work of my dear friend, Nazzy Beglari, commissioned by myself as a tribute to our beloved Farideh Lashai. Whilst unfortunately Farideh cannot be with us in Dubai for this exhibition. I hope that she will feel the love and admiration we all have for her. An artist whose life and work continues to influence a generation of artists in and outside of Iran, Farideh Lashai is the true inspiration for this exhibition.

There is no beginning.
There is no end.
There is only passion for life. 

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