Here in Spirit: Genius Loci

The places where we work, live and play have a spirit. The ancients called this pervading spirit the “genius loci.” More recently, with humankind’s perpetual search for meaning in the built environment, the phrase has come to be understood as the sum of all physical as well as symbolic values in nature and the human environment that give a place its distinctive character. The spirit of a place has historically been defined by and associated with concepts of identity, authenticity, sense of place, attachment and belonging, sometimes interchangeably. It is the result of a constant interaction and a dynamic negotiation between people and their landscape, all of which raises a set of provocative questions:


How can we capture the spirit of a place and create meaningful places? 
Can the spirit of a place be captured in an increasingly multicultural and mobile society?
Who or what has an impact on the sense of place or spirit of a place?
Can we ever truly erase the spirit of a place?
What are the implications of questions such as these for preservation or conservation efforts, or for policymaking, planning and design in general?


These and more topics will be explored in this fascinating talk on the spirit and meaning of places.  



Alamira Reem Bani Hashem, Urbanist & Historian

Mohamed Somji, Photographer
Lamya Gargash, Photographer
Rand Abdul Jabbar, Artist & Architect
Sultan Al Ramahi, City Planner


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