GPP2012 Shoot Out | Sat, Mar 10, 2012

The third shoot-out is back on for the GPP2012 event and will be held on Saturday, March 10th at 6:30pm at the Dubai Knowledge Village Auditorium. Entrance is FREE but be on time to save your seat.

Three of the visiting photographers, David Hobby, Greg Heisler and Martin Prihoda will battle it out against each other to produce a single photograph within 15minutes including editing time. The subject(s) of the shoot-out will only be revealed at the event and the photographers will be able to use any combination of ambient and artficial light but only within the confines of the Knowledge Village Auditorium.

Joe McNally will compere the event, in other words, be the official heckler and will try his best to make life difficult for the participants! 


It's a fantastic event and you really have to be there to see for yourself, the briliance of these world class photographers to think on the fly and make amazing photos in a high pressure situation. 

Attendance is FREE and doors will open at 6:15pm and we will kick off sharp at 6:30pm so be on time!

The GPP 2012 Shoot-out is brought to you by Dubai Media City & Dubai Studio City. 

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