GPP Talks with Hussain AlMoosawi | Facade to Facade

Upon encountering the exhibition, Facade to Facade, currently showing at the GPP Gallery, observers tend to follow a trajectory of enchantment, followed by recognition of familiar buildings and, ultimately, by curiosity. This curiosity ranges from the photographer asking for details about how Hussain shot the series to the urbanist asking about the motivation behind his documentation of the UAE's facades. To hear Hussain discuss this beloved series and ask your questions in person, don't miss this talk with Hussain AlMoosawi. Register now to secure your spot. 


About the Artist

Hussain AlMoosawi is an Emirati communication designer and photographer. Trained in Australia and currently based in Abu Dhabi, where he pursued his design interests as an infographic artist and visual storyteller for various media platforms.  As a photographer, Hussain maintains a never-ending quest to rediscover the urban landscape of the UAE, by systematically documenting the subtle visual elements often overlooked in a country known for its modern architecture.