GPP Talks with Farah Foudeh | Bedu

Join us Tuesday, November 13 in the gallery space for an artist talk with Farah Foudeh who in conversation with GPP Managing Director Lola Boatwright, will discuss her series Bedu and its take on identity as performance. 


On exhibit from November 12, Bedu is a body of work that is influenced by the artist’s experience working in tourism development in Jordan, Bedu centers around the question of identity as performance. Just as early Western orientalist photography used the lens as a tool to define ‘the Arab man’, so does the voyeurism of today’s traveler continue to perpetuate the image of ‘the Other’. Forever represented as the nomadic man living a quaint life in the desert, the bedu man, unlike the rest of the world, is seen as immune to the impact of time, development, and modernity.



About the Artist


Farah Foudeh was born in Lagos to Palestinian Jordanian parents and spent her early years travelling between Lagos and Jordan. Foudeh's interest in cross-cultures led her to pursue a degree in International Studies at American University in Washington DC. Upon graduation, she returned to Amman to work and soon found a passion for tourism development. Her professional career led her to specialise in the relationship between travel and photography. Influenced by her growing interest in the impact of imagery she completed an MA in Photography and Design at ELISAVA, Barcelona.