Drop-In Fishbowl Studio

As a photographer, the scariest time to try something new and untested is when you are on a job or assignment. That's when you need for things to go right, because you usually do not have the time for things to go wrong.

Which is why photographers often spend time in their studio (or anywhere that can pass for a studio) experimenting in search of new techniques. This is a time when taking risks is encouraged, and it is perfectly okay for those attempts to fail. We test to discover new approaches and new techniques. We also test to find out what doesn't work, so we won't have to discover that while on assignment.

Normally we experiment in private, safely away from the prying eyes of clients or editors. And as a result, testing is one of the least-shared aspects of photography. Which is a shame, really, because testing is also one of the most important things we do—and often is a time of breakthrough growth.

Photographer David Hobby, an instructor at GPP Photo Week, has reserved an evening of testing while in Dubai. Specifically, he will be experimenting with lighting techniques that involve the use of gels as he explores light and color while building Lighting 103 on Strobist.com.

It's not a class so much as an informal drop-in/hang out. Curious? Come on by—if for no other reason than the personal gratification of watching another photographer fail repeatedly, in search of the occasional interesting failure. Or, even better, an unexpected success.