Drinkers Of The Wind

Launching in collaboration with GPP Photo Week 2018, Tariq Dajani’s instantly recognisable photographic work commands immediate attention. Through perfect composition, his lens urges us to consider the beauty and majesty of nature. It is both raw and polished, celebratory and cautionary. Drinkers Of The Wind talks of history and belonging; the exhibition is an ode to the sands of time. 


Dajani’s interest in Middle Eastern culture and history is abundantly clear in ‘Asil’ – a celebration of the beauty and power of the Arabian horse. An Arabic word signifying purity, nobility and authenticity, the ‘Asil’ collection features a number of impactful photographic studies in which the Arabian horse is brought to the fore. Like the Arabian horses of Dajani’s ‘Asil’ series, the exhibition will also feature Dajani’s “Sakr” series. 


The history of falconry in the Middle East is as ancient as the emergence of its civilisations. Widely considered a symbol of ancient Arabia, in this series each photograph sheds new light. The viewer is asked to look with fresh eyes at each image, to consider a new version of this enigmatic and powerful bird. We see the noble falcon, wings outstretched, head proudly tilted.