'Documenting the Protests' with Tamara Abdul Hadi & Roï Saade



Tamara Abdul Hadi & Roï Saade will be engaging in conversation with Mohamed Somji about the diptychs they have been producing, exploring different threads of the recent events in Lebanon from two personal viewpoints.


Join us at 7.30PM on Wed, Nov 20th at GPP for a conversation with photographers Tamara Abdul Hadi and Roï Saade, who have been documenting the Lebanese protests since they began on October 18, 2019. They will share their experiences being on the ground, the power of images in the narrative of the protests, and more.


See more from Tamara Abdul Hadi here: https://instagram.com/tamarabdul

See more from Roï Saade here: https://instagram.com/roisaade