Crossroads #7 A Journey Through The Masai Mara

Simpson’s new show, ‘A Journey through the Masai Mara’, is the seventh in the Crossroads exhibition series at Abu Dhabi’s Yas Viceroy hotel. It’s a breathtaking window on the Kenyan Mara-Serengeti, with its abundant wildlife and indigenous people. 

How long does it take to catch a lion’s gaze? A whole afternoon, apparently – that’s how long it took Charlotte Simpson to capture the magic moment on camera. In the artist’s own words, photographing wildlife takes a lot of patience. Waiting for the perfect image requires a huge amount of focus and dedication. And it’s also apparently very rare to find a lion facing you with its ears pricked up, which makes Simpson’s photograph particularly special.

British born photographic artist Charlotte Simpson, with her Dubai based business, is proudly a third generation photographer. Beginning her creative journey as a child where she was surrounded by photographic images, cameras and equipment, all from her fathers successful studios in London.
Always ready to capture a moment, Charlotte has gained considerable media exposure having won four prestigious business awards.

Working with many celebrities and blue chip companies such as Gordon Ramsey, Sato Versace and Henrik Stenson, Charlotte is continuing her artistic evolution through her amazing and unique impressions of Africa. Her journeys to the Masai Mara in 2011 have become her artistic turning point. Her work takes many different forms of expression through the breathtaking images of the people and wildlife inhabiting Africas most stunning and aweinspiring planes.

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