Critique Night

Critique Night



Mon, Sep 30

8 - 9PM


Raz Hansrod

Meagan Kelly Horsman

Khalil Lamrabet


Anyone can submit their street photography to Gulf Photo Plus via Instagram (@gulfphotoplus) or email (, with the subject line: ‘critique me!’) for a chance to have their image critiqued by Raz Hansrod from Gulf Photo Plus; Khalil Lamrabet, whose work is featured in the exhibition; and Meagan Kelly Horsman, from Meem Gallery. The critique committee will share their feedback in front of a live audience.


As hinted at in the title: there are no holds barred at this event. Submit images expecting criticism, not compliments.

This event is part of the programming for our current 2019 Community Exhibition: The Arab Street, Vol. II, supported by Fujifilm Middle East.

Join us at 8PM on Sep, 30, part of Alserkal Avenue Lates.

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