Beyond Rhythm

Francesca Galliani is proud to announce her second show with us ‘Beyond Rhythm’ which she describes as viscerally as the work itself:

The soul of the dancer dwells in the body. 
If a dancer dances everything is there…
Silent vibrations from within, rhythm of the unseen.
Raw dance, pure dance…
Dance as a symbol of celebrating life, joy, the moment.  

The magic of these emotions that are shared by all, is expressed through photographs, painting, splashes of colors, elements of collage and words. The use of mixed media magnifies this message of hope, of faith, of enjoyment...

Born in Italy, Francesca moved to the US in 1982 and has lived there ever since. Her engagement with the culture and atmosphere in New York, where she currently resides, has been an integral part of her creative journey.  

She has exhibited extensively throughout the international fine art world, including New York City, Milan, Paris, Berlin, Venice, Genoa, Rome, Sydney and Hamburg. In 2011, 34 of her mixed media pieces were exhibited in the Museum Manege in St Petersburg. 

As well as being a major participant in the international fine art world, Galliani’s photography work has been embraced by the high end FASHION world, with her photography appearing in internationally acclaimed magazines such as Glamour, Velvet, Vogue, Detour, D, Zoom, XL, Out.

In 2007, Levi’s used her work for their advertisement campaign “blue”, but also exhibited the original work at the Triennale in Milan. 

Her new book, ‘Portrait of a New Angola’, will be published on October 1st 2012 and is the first book of photography that portrays Angola as it exists today. 

For more infomation please visit the website.