An Intro to Astro: How to Photograph Galaxies Far, Far Away

Take a journey into the magical world of astrophotography with the multi-award winning photographer, Samy Al Olabi. His body of work in astrophotography is regarded as one of the best in the region - a true category benchmark.

In this talk, you will learn what astrophotography is and the different types in this genre. You will get familiar with the tools and techniques required to excel in it. You will get to navigate through the process behind the adventurous field, from planning to shooting to post-processing.

More than just knowledge, you will also be inspired by stories behind breathtaking photographs.

The astrophotography workshop will give you the foundation you need to go out, setup a camera, and start taking dramatic pictures of the heavens above. 


See more of Samy's work on his website.