All About You: Great Writing and Food Photography For Bloggers



The act of eating unites us, and food blogging allows us to share our experiences with the world. In this 90 minute workshop, food blogging veteran, author, and professional food photographer Matt Armendariz will share his story on why he turned to blogging and how it changed his world. We’ll also discuss what makes a successful blog (hint: it’s a unique blend of story, image, and most importantly your unique point of view). Topics to be covered include writing, authenticity, perspective, as well as the specifics of creating great images of food using what you have on hand.  Q&A with Matt will close the evening.                  

About Matt Armendariz

Food photographer, art director, designer, author and blogger Matt Armendariz is a man obsessed with food, drink, and everything in between. With a varied career in the world of food spanning over the past twenty years, Matt is driven by food and the shared experiences that bring people together. His award-winning food blog,, is consistently recognized as one of the top food blogs for its photography and writing and has been featured in a variety of publications since its inception in 2005.

His second book, Food Photography For Bloggers, was released in October of 2012 by Focal Press and features helpful tips, tricks and examples for creating a perfect food photo with ease by using the best practices he’s learned over the years. When he's not in his studio or at home cooking in sunny Long Beach, California, you just might find him teaching food photography workshops all around the world.

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