Jabal Al Shaykh | جبل الشيخ

Jabal Al Shaykh | جبل الشيخ
Jabal Al Shaykh | جبل الشيخ

Jabal Al Shaykh | جبل الشيخ

Taken in Lebanon

Clouds clear over the Anti-Lebanon mountain range to reveal جبل الشيخ - Jabal Al Shaykh. Standing an altitude of 2,814 m above sea-level, the mountain spans across Lebanon, Syria and the occupied Golan heights.

Many battles were fought for the control of this strategic vantage point which has become an off-limits and contested military zone.

I often imagine myself climbing to the top of Jabal Al Shaykh to get a glimpse of Palestine. I dream of looking over the concrete walls, borders and occupation that separate us.

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Gabriel is a self-taught photographer whose work focuses on questioning self-imposed and systemic borders of nationality, race, gender, and class. As such, his practice focuses on individual stories that contain and challenge collective narratives.

In 2022, Gabriel was selected for the Arab Documentary Photography Program for his project “Doumari”.

Gabriel has worked for over 3 years in disaster management and recovery across SWANA. He is both captivated by the "Arab world" and tired of hearing that "things were better before”. His disillusionment with conventional political actors has reaffirmed his belief in the power of the arts to bear witness and instigate social change.

The profits (AED438 / $119.25) of each print sold will be given to artists currently in Gaza and the West Bank.

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Gulf Photo Plus has been selling artwork by regional photographers since 2013, sharing profits equally. For this sale, all profits will be transferred to the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC), which will then be distributed by AFAC to a group of Palestinian image-makers — how they use these funds is then wholly at their discretion. We will publicly provide proof of transfer at the conclusion of the sale.