Taken in Kenya

It’s weird, this hysterical era we are living in! 
A cat falls from a window in N.Y.C. and breaks a leg.

Cars stop and the police call the Animals Rights Association,
An ambulance hurries to rush the cat to the hospital.
where they operate on it, put its lag in a cast. 
While the cat owner is being cried hysterically outside. Those very same people threw an atomic bomb on Hiroshima Killing seven million people 
The tender-hearted people who feel sorry for the cat.
 They are the same people who once helped Israel establish a state, and Displacement a whole nation From their lands and homes ...

but they are so tender with a cat...

Oh, A-sweet little cat broke….

Mustafa Mahmoud…

... Free Palestine & Gaza ....

عجيب أمر هذا العصر الهستيري الذي نعيشه قطة تسقط من نافذة في مدينة نيويورك وتكسر ساقها. تتوقف السيارات وتتصل الشرطة بجمعية حقوق الحيوان، وتسارع سيارة إسعاف لنقل القطة إلى المستشفى. حيث يقومون بإجراء العملية عليها، يضعون تأخرها في قالب جبيرة. بينما صاحب القطة يبكي بشكل هستيري في الخارج، هؤلاء الأشخاص أنفسهم ألقوا قنبلة ذرية على هيروشيما مما أدى إلى مقتل سبعة ملايين شخص، الأشخاص ذوو القلوب الرقيقة الذين شعروا بالأسف على القطة. إنهم نفس الأشخاص الذين ساعدوا إسرائيل ذات يوم في إقامة دولتها، وتهجير أمة بأكملها من أراضيها وديارها... لكنهم حنونون جداً مع القطة اوووه قطة صغيرة حلوة انكسرت....

،،،، مصطفى محمود …

  • A3 fine art print on Hahnemühle Photo Matt Fibre (200gsm)
  • Uncropped — check the image preview carefully to see a preview of the presentation
  • Packaged on foam-board, covered by a plastic sheet
  • Worldwide shipping

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He is a visual artist from Sudan has been working as an independent Photographer and filmmaker for the past years.

The profits (AED438 / $119.25) of each print sold will be given to artists currently in Gaza and the West Bank.

Prints are available for AED495.00 ($134.77). Here are the costs:

  • Printing and packaging: AED32.00 ($8.71)
  • 5% VAT: AED25.00 ($6.81)
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Gulf Photo Plus has been selling artwork by regional photographers since 2013, sharing profits equally. For this sale, all profits will be transferred to the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC), which will then be distributed by AFAC to a group of Palestinian image-makers — how they use these funds is then wholly at their discretion. We will publicly provide proof of transfer at the conclusion of the sale.