Facing a horizon

Facing a horizon
Facing a horizon

Facing a horizon

Taken in Morocco

The horizon is speckled with clothes drying in the breeze and satellite dishes, painting a scene that seems boundless. Two children, facing the horizon. They embody our collective desire for hope and stability in this unpredictable era.

Within these confines, walls that were once so familiar to us now radiate a newfound importance. The previously disregarded balcony emerges as our portal to the expansive world outside, serving as our refuge. City sounds, which were once considered nuisances, have transformed into the comforting rhythms of our day-to-day existence. Photography, with its timeless lens, captures these introspective moments, showcasing our resilience, our inner reflections, and our aspirations. In this limited space of 100 m2, every nook, every object, and every ray of light unveils a different story. The ordinary is elevated to the extraordinary.

Life, in its transitory nature, is made up of moments that often appear inconsequential. Yet, in this era of seclusion, even the most mundane experiences acquire a profound resonance. The children on the rooftop, in their innate innocence, remind us that finding beauty is always possible, even amidst adversity. They represent the enduring belief that despite challenges, life persists. And through the captivating allure of photography, these moments are indelibly preserved.

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Mehdy Mariouch was born in 1986 in Casablanca, immersed in a vibrant artistic scene that included breakdance, alternative music, and street art. Inspired by photographers, filmmakers, and painters during high school, he pursued photography and studied at The Fine Arts School of Casablanca. Later, he completed a master's in sociology and communication at Paris-Saclay. As a witness to the human condition, he spotlighted the lives of miners and workers through notable series. His work often emphasizes documenting overlooked subjects and places, capturing both their essence and environment.

The profits (AED438 / $119.25) of each print sold will be given to artists currently in Gaza and the West Bank.

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Gulf Photo Plus has been selling artwork by regional photographers since 2013, sharing profits equally. For this sale, all profits will be transferred to the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC), which will then be distributed by AFAC to a group of Palestinian image-makers — how they use these funds is then wholly at their discretion. We will publicly provide proof of transfer at the conclusion of the sale.