"A widowed woman unable to carry on and who only lives in the odd chapters.

A fundamentally optimistic man who lives in the even chapters and is about to find out a shocking truth about his own identity."


These are the premises of Magpies,  a project that has been going on for years, often neglected for long periods of time, always haunting me in the back of my mind. I used analogue and digital techiques, in form of photographs, collages, drawings and photomontages; I wanted to break free from restrictions imposed by my work: I didn’t want to spend my time caring about the rules of how a photograph should be made, I don’t like all the fuss around the “digital vs analogue” issue, I don’t care how much post production is put into a single photo. All I wanted was to grab the images I had in mind and spread them onto a piece of paper so that they would stop bugging me. Using a medium like the graphic novel to tell a story, I was able to explore narrative possibilities which are very different from those granted by a single photograph or even a series of photos. Combining text and images, I can look at a concept from different points of view simultaneously, creating a bond with the reader, who is to participate more actively in the unfolding of the plot, creating a short circuit between words and pictures."


About the Author: 

Sara Lando was born and raised in Bassano del Grappa and always has her suitcase packed. She likes individuals, and yet is scared of people. She eat all her broccoli. There are few things she wouldn’t do to get the photo she has in mind, but she's never accidentally killed anyone (yet).

She loves to collaborate with people who are passionate about what they do, even when it has little to do with photography. She likes to share what she knows but she doesn't do other people’s homework. She sleep too little. She takes pictures.’



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