Encapsulated Volume 1: Photoessays on Khaleejiness

By SWALIF Publishing House

AED 175.00

“Encapsulated Volume 1: Photoessays on Khaleejiness'' works as a meeting ground for intellectual and cultural thought around what the Khaleeji experience entails to a newer generation of our society.

Identity, a form that is constantly innovated and reshaped, is exciting to some but frightening to others. We aim to question the legitimacy defining the Khaleeji identity and ultimately conclude that Khaleejiness is a new plane upon which we currently roam, experiencing both the confinement and freedoms of our space and self-realization. Therefore, there is no final answer to the question “What is a Khaleeji?” as no single, shared meaning can extract any common definition to such an identity.

This book considers the works of 16 curated Khaleej-based photographers (Ali AlHosani, Ishaq Madan, Shamsa Al Mansoori, Mariam Alkatheeri, Mahmood Al Zadjali, Hamad Al-Fayhani, Latifa Alkhayat, Abdulaziz Abdulah Alhosni, Lama Al Jallal, Malaika Munshi, Hajar Almutairi, Zayed Alhaddar, Buthaina Al Zaman, Khaldoun Khelaifi, Marwa Ali, Khaled Esguerra) commentary by the SWALIF editors, and external writing contributions by five global academic cultural practitioners (Gaith Abdulla, Mira AlHussein, Nadeen Dakkak, Manishankar Prasad, AbdulRahaman Al-Mana). Khaleejiness involves all that is attached to the ideas of nationality, belonging, gender, power, socioeconomic politics, geography, personality, and beyond.