Lomo Purple Simple Use Reloadable Camera (35mm) 27 Exposures

By Lomography

AED 115.00

Pre-Loaded with Lomo Purple 27 exp

Uniquely creative yet highly convenient, the LomoChrome Purple 2019 Simple Use Film Camera from Lomography is a simple-to-use film camera pre-loaded with the 2019 edition of LomoChrome Purple 100-400 film. This specialized film is known for its distinct false-color rendering of subjects, with rich hues of earthy red, plum, and violet. The camera further complements working with this film with the inclusion of a built-in flash, which has three swinging gels to produce colored flash effects. The Simple Use camera also has a wide-angle 31mm f/9 lens, with a fixed focus range of 3.3' to infinity, a fixed shutter speed of 1/120 sec, and a clear window viewfinder for lining up your shots.





  • Simple-to-Use Film Camera
  • Pre-Loaded with Purple 100-400 Film 
  • 27 Exposures Fixed-Focus 
  • 31mm f/9 Lens 
  • Built-In Flash with Three Color Gels 
  • Optical Viewfinder