Psychedelic Blues 400 (35mm) Single Color Negative Film

AED 65.00

An experimental color negative film that has been pre-exposed to different colored light sources in order to produce a distinct light-leak look.

Fresh, commercially available color negative film is pre-exposed to red, blue, purple, pink, and orange light. The process used to make this film has been designed to have slight variations between rolls - so no two rolls will be the same.

Psychedelic Blues 400 is for photographers looking to add a colorful light-leak look to their photos, without using a light-leak prone camera body or lens. For even more psychedelic fun, a color filter can be put on your lens or over your light source(s).


  • Pops of color throughout the roll
  • 35mm color negative film
  • Fresh rolls of Kodak Ultra Max fogged by hand
  • 36 exposures
  • C41 Process