West of Life

By Zied ben Romdhane

AED 245.00

Zied ben Romdhane’s first book, West of Life, explores declining mining towns in the east of his country, Tunisia. Reflecting with humor, intimacy and surreality, he creates a complex and thoughtful portrait of a largely unknown region.

Zied Ben Romdhane (b. 1981, Tunisia) started his career as a commercial photographer. In 2011 he switched to the documentary photography and photojournalism. His recent exhibitions include Views of Tunisia (Arles 2013), After the Revolution (White Box, NY 2013), and Zones d’Attente (Clark House, Bombay 2013), kushti (maison de la tunisie, Paris 2013 ), fotofest biennieal in Houston Center for Photography (Houston , USA 2014), Sahel (1×1 Gallery , Dubai 2014), Trace (MUCEM, Maeseille 2015). He won the POPCAP award (Afric Image, Basel, 2015) and his work has been featured in Irada and Dégage. He is the Director of Photography and Producer of Sabaa Chicken (2010), and Fallega (2011), a documentary film about the Arab Spring in Tunisia. Ben Romdhane was a participant in World Press Photo’s 2013 Reporting Change initiative.


Book Details: Hardcover

117 pages

ISBN: 9781941703069