UAE In Chromes

By Ammar Al Attar

AED 200.00

Selections of Ammar Al Attar’s work from the last 10 years, documenting the UAE on slide film.

About the Photographer:

Ammar Al Attar is a photographer and mixed media artist. Born in 1981, he lives in Ajman in the United Arab Emirates. Completely self-taught, Al Attar’s practice seeks to not only document and translate but also methodically research and examine aspects of Emirati ritual, material culture, and geographic orientation that are increasingly illusive in his rapidly globalizing society.  Al Attar often incorporates retro photographic equipment into his shoots. He hoards everything from slide projectors to large format cameras, dog-eared postcards and orphaned negatives and meticulously catalogues these clues to the past on the shelves of his Sharjah studio. UAE In Chromes represents selections of Al Attar's oeuvre from the last ten years. 


Book Specifications:

Name: UAE in Chromes

Author: Ammar Al Attar

Language: English

Price: AED 200

Cover: Paperback