Kurds: Through the Photographers Lens (Hard cover)

By Mark Muller

AED 150.00

All you need to know about The Kurdish People.

The Kurdish people have a population of over 28 million people spread out over five countries, but without an existing border of a country to call their own.

The region known to many as Kurdistan presently comprises parts of Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Armenia. It is a land of starkbeauty but also one engulfed in conflict; for centuries, empires, states and warring tribes have fought for control of this most inaccessible mountainous region with varying degrees of success.

Since the first Gulf War a myriad of unsettling images, together with the alienating effect of the language of the so-called war on terror, have created a deep divide between nations and cultures of the Middle East and West.

This year the Kurdish Human Rights Project (KHR P) celebrates its 15th anniversary - commissioned by the Delfina Foundation,this book brings together images by world-famous photographers to celebrate the life and times of the Kurdish people over the last two decades.