Metro (Hardback)

By Hadeer Mahmoud

AED 140.00

The Metro, a communal means of disappearing and reappearing again with multiple stories incased within it.


About the Book:

I take it every day to work. I wait for the metro while watching its crowded carts passing by. I take a deep breath and throw my body into it like an object. And while searching for a place to stand, my personal space gets invaded more and more every time. I stand watching faces that hold so many stories and details, while listening to the unstoppable voices of salesmen crossing the underworld of the metro. It's like a parallel world full of stories and scenes which all meet under the ground. I thank God as I leave this underground world to the one above. Despite my daily life suffering inside it, the metro has become a part of me that I must tell about. 


Metro is part of the Photobook Egypt project. Photobook Egypt is a powerful series of photography books; each dedicated to a theme or a project photographed and narrated by remarkable Egyptian and regional photographers (whether emerging or established) and illustrated and published by Photopia Cairo. It is a series of wonderful picture books that reflect the power of the region's photographers and their ability to recount facts and hopes through their lens. It is an ongoing project of enjoyable and visually rich photography that proudly represents Egypt's and the region's prominent photographers. Collecting them would be like owning a small part of Egypt on your bookshelf.


About the Photographer: 

Hadeer Mahmoud is a 25 - year-old  photojournalist and documentary photographer. She joined "El-Tahrir" newspaper in June 2011 as a professional photographer. In March 2013 she has joined  "El-Watan" newspaper. During these years she has covered many important events that Egypt has been through since Jan 25 revolution. Hadeer turned into an iconic mobile photographer documenting her daily journeys inside Cairo. She is also a contributor to @everydayegypt.


Book Specifications

Name: Metro (Hardcover)

Publisher: Photobook Egypt

Author: Hadeer Mahmoud

Price: AED 45

Cover: Hardcover