Paper & Canvas Options

Browse our wide range of paper and canvas options to find the perfect medium for your photos. Once you’ve found the option that’s best for you, place your order using the button below, and let us do the rest.
Our wide selection of fine art papers provide the perfect solution for artists, galleries, and families looking for archival quality prints designed to last a lifetime. Our fine art papers come in a wide variety of textures suited for every style of print, and they are an ideal option for photographers looking to show or sell editions of their work or for families looking to preserve favorite memories. All our fine art prints are produced in-house and printed with archival ink; if treated well, they will last more than 80 years.

Korejet Archival Matte

• 210 GSM


Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth

• 305 GSM


Hahnemühle Photo Rag Bright White

• 310 GSM
• Smooth matte finish
• Highly water resistant
• Meets highest industry standards for density, color gamut, color graduation & image sharpness
• Archival
• Ideal for long-life, fine art reproductions & exhibition prints

Hahnemühle Photo Matt Fibre

• 200 GSM

Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl

• 320 GSM

Hahnemühle German Etching

• 310 GSM
• Textured matte finish
• Highly water resistant coating
• Archival
• Ideal for long-life, fine art prints & lithograph reproductions (a good option for highly- detailed images)

Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta

• 325 GSM

Ilford Galerie Prestige Smooth Pearl

• 310 GSM

Ilford Galerie Prestige Smooth Cotton Rag

• 310 GSM
• Smooth matte finish
• 100% cotton fourdriner-made rag
• Crisp detail & image stability
• Archival
• Ideal for long-life, fine art prints

Our photo paper prints are an excellent, cost-effective way to bring your favorite memories to life or to create affordable creative projects. All images printed on photo papers are non-archival and printed in-house with archival inks. If treated well, these prints will last more than 40 years.

Epson Enhance Matte

• 189 GSM

Epson Premium Luster

• 260 GSM
• Semi-gloss finish
• Non-archival
• Ideal for saturated prints
• Resin-coated

Epson Premium Glossy

• 255 GSM
• High-gloss finish
• Non-archival
• Ideal for photo albums
• Smudge & water-resistant

Korejet Premium Matte

• 230 GSM

Our archival canvas prints provide a fresh way to add art and personality to your space.

Innova Matte Canvas High White

• 370 GSM
• Poly Cotton Base Material
• Water Based Matte Coating
• Archival
• Scratch & water-resistant

Not sure which paper to choose? Give us a call, and we'll be happy to offer our advice.