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GPP (Gulf Photo Plus) believes in the art and science of photography as a medium of creative expression, and exists to inform, educate and inspire photographers of all levels. The Dubai-based company organises year-round photography workshops, inspirational talks, exhibitions and events for the local photography community, and is famed the world over for its biannual photofests. March 2013 saw the 8th edition of the annual GPP event in Dubai.

The 8-day GPP2013 photography extravaganza was the largest to date, featuring 13 top photography instructors, and attracting amateur and professional photographers from all over the world. Since its inception in 2004, this world-class, one of a kind photography event has secured its place on every passionate photographer’s bucket list. Now GPP is taking their winning formula - the best instructors, exceptional organisation and a passion for photography - on tour for PopUp GPP… first stop, London.


Why you can’t afford to miss PopUp GPP London?

GPP (Gulf Photo Plus), famed for its annual, all-star photofest in Dubai, is going on tour and bringing together four of the worlds’ best photographers and photography instructors for a must-attend, unique educational, inspirational and affordable Pop Up photography event… in London!

Learn from the best

Join PopUp GPP’s stellar line-up - Zack Arias, Gregory Heisler, David Hobby and Joe McNally - for an unforgettable weekend of photography learning, inspiration and fun. In two jam-packed days you’ll learn from each of the photographers in four carefully planned sessions designed to boost your photography skills, creativity and career. See inside the mind of a lighting master, understand the creative thought processes of legendary photographers and pick up invaluable business tips from social media icons.

Be inspired

These unique sessions go beyond the online tutorials, lighting diagrams and instructional books and DVDs, to give you an intensive dose of real creative and photographic inspiration that you won’t find anywhere else. The inspiration doesn’t stop there; whether you’re networking with fellow photographers or chatting with the instructors, you’ll be inspired to take your photography further than ever before.

PopUp GPP Overview


    Evocative Light: See It, Understand It, Create It!

    To master light you must understand it, see it better and think in terms of it. In this intensive session, Gregory will share his thought process and lighting technique, explaining the why, as well as the what and how, of many of his iconic portraits.


    Beyond Technique: Finding a Meaningful Path as a Photographer

    You have a camera and you know how it works. Now what? Step outside your comfort zone and examine what is possible through photography. Go beyond the next piece of kit or lighting trick and explore your photographic goal, and more importantly, learn how to follow it.


    So, You Just Got This Flash…

    A fast paced, interactive live demo session (with ongoing Q&A) covering creative portrait lighting from the most simple to the more advanced using one, two and three lights and wide array of light shaping tools. Learn how to manage and balance light, and consistently reproduce results.


    Gear Hacking

    Learn and see that it isn’t the gear that makes you a photographer. Using cheap, hacked together and DIY equipment, Zack will show you shooting and lighting techniques that will enable you to make interesting photographs in even the most uninteresting location.

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Evocative Light: See It, Understand It, Create It!

Gregory Heisler

There are myriad photo websites, tutorials, webinars, and blogs. So many of them are focused on the gear (after all, that's what sells!). The stuff. "If I only bought that new modifier…" What matters even more than the how is the why. Once you begin to understand light, you can begin to see it better, enjoy it more, think in terms of it, and even make it happen when and where you want. It's the only thing your camera's sensor sees, so you want to use it expressively, not be at its mercy.

In this jam-packed intensive, Gregory will show many of his iconic portraits as well as share his thought process and demonstrate some of the underlying principles live onstage. Not just what he used and how he used it, but more importantly, why he chose to use it in the first place. After all, it's these decisions that ultimately shape our images. There are countless techniques, none of which substitute for vision.

Come curious, leave inspired.

Gear Hacking

Zack Arias

Don't get caught up in thinking you need every new piece of gear or even gear that is dedicated to your camera system. In this class Zack will demonstrate shooting and lighting techniques with a bunch of hacked together and DIY gear. He'll shoot one brand of lens on another type of camera (sometimes without the use of an adapter), he'll shoot with with point and shoots, flash lights, cheap gear, and the like. Learn and see that it isn't the gear that makes you a photographer. Zack will also demonstrate shooting and lighting techniques to show how to create interesting photographs in an uninteresting location.

So, You Just Got This Flash…

Joe McNally

And, you make a picture with it, and the picture is, well, awful. Not to worry, you have lots and lots of company in this regard. After your first few flash attempts, ones where your subjects all end up looking like candidates for a police lineup, you slip this battery operated box of light back into your gear bag, shift your ISO ever higher, and deal only with light you can see. You never open that flash box again, 'cause when you do, just like the board game in Jumanji, bad stuff happens. 

How to manage what effectively amounts to an explosion of light? How to wrangle reproducible results? How do you make your flash invisible? Or look like it's supposed to be there, right alongside the natural light? How does the portrait subject at hand, and the terrain of their face and personality, determine what light shaper, what mood, or even what color of light to apply? 

In a fast paced three hour session, we take one, two, (okay, maybe three) lights, and couple them up with simple light shaping tools to create portraits. Subjects are drawn from the audience. In highly caffeinated, colorful dialogue, each portrait session is discussed and shot, live, with every frame popping up on the screens for all to see. Mistakes, saves, re-directs, and shifts in direction, light and strategy are all part of path to a good portrait, and it will all be done onstage. We will do as many portrait sessions as possible, using different qualities of light, expressed by different types of light shaping tools, from the most simple to the more advanced. In addition to the images shot live, there will be pictures and examples of light and light theory shown, ongoing Q&A throughout, and stories, tips, tricks and survival strategies derived from 35 years of shooting sprinkled throughout the three hours.

Beyond Technique: Finding a Meaningful Path as a Photographer

David Hobby

So, you have a nice camera and you understand f/stops and shutter speeds. You might even be comfortable using light. 

Now what?

Surely photography has to be about more than learning the next trick - or purchasing the next shiny piece of kit. What makes you happy as a photographer? Is happiness even your goal? What about money? Are the two goals mutually exclusive?

What do you want to do with your camera? Do you even know? Do you want to change the world, or maybe just change yourself?

This session won't be about composition, exposure or lighting (okay, maybe a little bit about lighting). Instead, we'll step outside our comfort zones and examine what is possible through our photography. This will require a change of perspective. It will mean challenging some long-held assumptions. 

It may cause you to change your compass point - or to create one for the very first time. And most important, to learn how to follow it.

Locationand other info


Saturday 28th September, 2013 10am - 5pm
Sunday 29th September, 2013 10am - 5pm


New Hunt’s House, SE1 1UL
Guy’s Campus on Great Maze Pond
Nearest Tube: London Bridge and Borough stations

Click here for directions to the venue

Click here to find it on Map


Stream Pink Saturday 28th Sept Sunday 29th Sept
10am-1pm Joe McNally Zack Arias
2pm-5pm David Hobby Gregory Heisler
Stream Gray Saturday 28th Sept Sunday 29th Sept
10am-1pm Gregory Heisler Joe McNally
2pm-5pm Zack Arias David Hobby


If you require any further information please contact us.

Email: info@gulfphotoplus.com

Telephone: +971 4 3808545

Office Hours: Saturday - Thursday, 10am - 7pm

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What's new?

FUJIFILM evening with Zack Arias and David Hobby

Zack Arias and David Hobby will discuss how the FujiFilm X Series has shaped their street and travel photography. They will also share their thoughts on the new Fujinon 23mm F2 lens.
FREE to Attend but registration is a must. Click here to register your space.

When: Saturday 28, 6.00pm-7.30pm
Where: Click here for location


Join us, the organisers, instructors and partners on Saturday (Sep 28) evening for a post PopUP GPP social mixer at the Horniman at Hay's which is a short walk away from the PopUP venue. One of the aims of PopUP GPP is to connect like minded photographers together and have a fun time so we'd love to say Hello over a few drinks and nibbles after a long day of inspiration and information. You don't need to register or sign up - just meet us there!

When: Saturday 28, 8pm
Where: Click here for location

Hamdan International Photography Award

POPUP GPP London is happy to welcome HIPA, the world most generous photo reward, onboard as a supporter.

Under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai, the Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA) is currently in its third season of competition, titled “Creating the Future”. The award currently boasts the largest Grand Prize and Overall Prize Pool in the world of photography totalling $120,000 and $389,000 (USD) respectively.

Visit their booth at the event for more information about the Award also checkout their website for more info.


Triggertrap creates creative camera solutions that enable photographers to trigger their camera or flash based on sound, vibration, facial recognition, and many other modes. They will be at the Popup showing off their Facial Recognition photo booth - pop by and say hello!


PopUP GPP has teamed up with MOO who make awesome business cards for photographers - they are very kindly offering 50 FREE (excl. P&P) business cards to all PopUp GPP attendees. All you need to do is go to this link and upload your own images or choose from a range of templates: you'll be able to pick up your cards when you come for the PopUP event.


  1. How does Pop Up GPP work? 

    The Pop Up GPP experience is designed to maximise your exposure to four of the world’s best photography instructors. In one weekend you’ll attend an intensive 3-hour session with each instructor, giving you a complete package of photography awesomeness that you won’t find anywhere else.

    There will be two streams with the difference being in the order of sessions. You can choose the stream you prefer (subject to availability) when you make your booking, you can also check the schedule here. The order in which you attend the sessions does not matter as the content of the various sessions is unrelated. If you are planning to attend this event with a friend(s), make sure you know which streams they're booked on to ensure you are in the same room.

  2. Why should I attend?

    Pop Up GPP London is bringing together world-renowned photography instructors Zack Arias, Gregory Heisler, David Hobby and Joe McNally for the first time ever in  Europe.

    Each instructor has developed a unique, 3-hour session – specific to their particular style and strengths – that you will not find anywhere else. The seminar-style sessions will cover a range of essential photography skills and subjects – from lighting and the creative process, to live demos and social media. Pop Up GPP London will educate and inspire you to boost your creativity and your photography business. 

  3. How do I know if Pop Up GPP is right for me?

    Pop Up GPP London is aimed at intermediate/advanced photographers looking to take their creativity and/or photography business to the next level.

  4. Where is Pop Up GPP taking place?

    We will be in Lecture Theatres 1 and 2, New Hunt’s House in the Guy’s Campus, King’s College, which is just a couple of minutes walking distance from the London Bridge Tube and train station. For more details on how to get there, click here.

  5. What should I bring with me?

    Something to take notes on – laptop, tablet, or good old fashioned paper and pen.

    You will not be shooting in class, so there’s no need to bring your camera although we will have some vendors at Pop Up GPP, so you may want to bring it to try any accessories. You will be able to ask questions and interact with the photographers during the seminars, so prep some questions.

  6. How do I sign up and pay for Pop Up GPP?

    You have two payment options:

    1. Click on the BUY icon and choose the stream you want to attend. When you are ready to pay by credit card, you will then be redirected to a payment page.
    2. You can send us a wire transfer – contact us on info@gulfphotoplus.com for bank details
  7. Can I register at the event ?

    Sorry, no payments can be made at the event.

  8. Can I bring my camera?

    Still cameras are welcome. No audio or video recording please! This includes your mobile devices.

  9. I bought my tickets – what’s next?

    You’ll receive an order confirmation to your registered email address, then…just sit tight! Closer to the date, we’ll send you a reminder email with all of the essential event information (where to go, registration process on the day, etc).

  10. I bought one or more tickets. Something’s come up - can I get a refund?

    You can - however, subject to these conditions.

    • Before August 31st, 2013- 11:59pm Dubai time:
      You can get a refund of 80% of the workshop value.

    • After August 31st , 2013:
      Refund: Sorry, folks - no refund after this point.

  11. I am not ready to buy my ticket yet - how do I stay up to date with the event?

    Just enter your email address on top of this page to stay in the loop with all Pop Up GPP London updates. You can also follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page, too.  

  12. I need a place to stay for the weekend – what do you recommend?

    London is a busy and expensive city, so we would advise you to book a room at the earliest. We searched for budget options in the area and can recommend:

    LSE Bankside House

    London Bridge Hotel

    Alternatively, check out www.airbnb.com for properties close to the event.


By Email

Email us at info@gulfphotoplus.com
We promise to get back to you within 24 hours except on weekends - our weekends are Friday and Saturday in Dubai so bear with us if you send an email on the weekend.

By Telephone

We're nice on the phone too so call us during working hours which are 10am to 7pm, Dubai Time from Saturday to Thursday. You can reach us on +9714-380-8545

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You can find out what we are up to, our up and running and future events by visiting our website. www.gulfphotoplus.com