Gregory Heisler

Master of Lighting. Legendary portrait artist. 70+ TIME Magazine covers. Awards include the Alfred Eisenstadt Award and the Leica Medal of Excellence. Current Artist-in-Residence at the Hallmark Institute of Photography, Massachusetts.

Gregory Heisler’s iconic portraits have graced the covers and pages of countless magazines, including LIFE, ESQUIRE and Sports Illustrated. He is known for shooting over 70 Time magazine covers; more than any other photographer. Heisler's technical mastery and thoughtful responsiveness allow him to creatively interpret an unusually broad range of subjects. He truly is one of the modern photography legends who is world renowned for his evocative portraiture and understanding and mastery of light; seeing it, controlling it, and using it expressively. A sought-after speaker and educator, in September 2009 Gregory Heisler took a position as Artist-in-Residence at the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Turners Falls, Massachusetts.