David Hobby

Small flash evangelist and social media pioneer. 100,000+ daily page views on 20 years as a photojournalist. 80k+ Twitter followers and two awesome lighting DVDs.

This headline on a profile piece pretty much says it all: "Baltimore Sun photographer who took a buyout, started a blog and changed the photography business forever."
David Hobby spent twenty years as a staff newspaper photojournalist before founding in 2006. Over that time period he completed over 10,000 photo assignments chosen by someone else, often for reasons unknown. The seven years since have been filled with continuous re-examination of what it means-or can mean-to be a photographer.
Since 2006 David’s blog has educated hundreds of thousands of photographers on lighting and all things photography. David has been teaching workshops all over the world and is the author of two highly successful Lighting DVDs.
Alongside his focus on photography education, David is still very much a working photographer…of course he also shares his experience on assignment, helping other photographers to build their skills by learning exactly how these real-world assignments were lit.