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Amin Idris

Amin is a self-taught creative from Brunei Darussalam, currently based in Dubai. He has been a photographer ever since he was a kid, shooting his families and friends with his DSLR.

While studying in Malaysia with a degree in International Business Management, during the weekends he went to photography workshops and meetups, even shooting the streets for long hours. These opportunities led him to collaborate with fashion magazines, fashion designers, models, artists, even for Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2018 & 2019. 

Amin is a versatile artist that does photo manipulation especially in collage work, experimenting with video post-production to color grade. He developed his passion for photography through experimenting with different analog film cameras and film rolls. Through this, he was able to create scenic photographs for every shoot that he does, as he aims for differentiation at all times.