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Jill Lindh

Jill is a freelance photographer who has been based in the UAE since 2011. She specialises in newborn, family, headshots and wedding photography, predominantly working out of her own studio in Dubai. She is driven by the creative process of photography and delivering the amazing results to her happy clients.


Jill has been in love with photography since she was just 10 years old, her first camera being a plastic film camera. Starting out when there were no digital cameras or computer software, Jill was heavily influenced by her father, who would shoot on film and develop his photographs in his own darkroom. She would take photographs of anything and everything she could find: horses, cats, nature, her family... nobody was safe from her lens!


Jill also endeavours to constantly keep herself updated with the latest trends and developments in the photography world. She is a photographer and educator who is constantly learning and challenging herself by taking online courses, attending workshops and assisting other photographers from whom she can learn.


In her spare time, Jill knits, sews, scuba dives and she even makes a lot of her own newborn photography props! Did we mention that she's also a full-time-mum to her son and two crazy cats?!


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