Strobist Lighting in Layers DVD

By David Hobby

AED 150.00

Great Lighting can be simple or sophisticated, but it need not be difficult.

Photographer David Hobby of follows up his Lighting Seminar DVD Set (May 2008) with Lighting in Layers, a series of real-world, behind-the-scenes assignments lit entirely with small flashes.

The instructional series focuses on small-flash lighting, both practice and theory. Lighting in Layers is a 6-DVD, 9-hour behind-the-scenes tutorial with photographer David Hobby of In addition to the live shoots and lighting diagram walk-throughs, there are also extended discussions on developing your own ecosystem and business model as a photographer in a web 2.0 environment.

In addition, there is a running set of discussions on other topics. Those include finding your compass point as a photographer, gaining access to the people and things you want to photograph, adding value to your community and building a sustainable business model in the age of the web.

Bonus, a 7th DVD -ROM which contains compressed files of all of the content from the content from the first six discs specially formatted to work on your iPod touch or iPhone or Android devices via iTunes or other similar software.

As a 20-year staff newspaper photojournalist -- and more recently, a widely-read blogger at Strobist - Hobby also explains in detail how he combines those skills to create a unique ecosystem in which he can thrive as a self-directed photographer.