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Lama Kabbani


Lama is based in Dubai, UAE. She specializes in multiple genres of photography, including newborn, toddlers, expectant mothers, and family portraits.

Lama aims to capture the most fleeting stages of each family’s life, those sacred moments, to create unique and personalized story telling images that will last you a lifetime.

In each individual session, Lama shares her energy, passion for the craft, and technical expertise. Her personalized approach and compassion allows for a special customized experience for each family. No two images are alike.

Lama began her specialized niche in newborn and maternity photography in 2012 and has since developed her brand (Loomi Photography) that is recognized by her unique style of baby and family portraits.

Lama continues to work on her personal projects that range from travel related photography, to documenting social issues, and regularly volunteers work with NGO’s in Africa.