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Abbi Kemp

Travel & Lifestyle

Abbi's love affair with photography began back in 2007, whilst travelling barefoot around India. Following this she invested her savings into buying equipment and books, so that she could teach herself all about photography.

In 2010 Abbi worked for an NGO in Rio de Janeiro's largest favela, Rocinha. She then flew into the Colombian Amazon to photograph wildlife & indigenous tribes for the recent Whitley Award winner - Entropika; with the trip extending through to Colombia, Peru, Bolivia & Argentina.

Since then she's travelled to the French Alps, wandered through the streets of Spain, Cuba, Italy, Mexico & Morocco, driven 5000km from Cape Town to Angola and suffered heat stroke & altitude sickness in India. Her most recent trip was to the Southern Omo Valley, Ethiopia, where Abbi spent time photographing the various tribes and Bull Jumping ceremonies.

When she's not galavanting around the globe, you can find Abbi here in Dubai photographing her other love... Children. Abbi specialises in lifestyle photography and her affinity with children shines through in her natural family portraits.

She has written & photographed for Black Tomato, PINCH Magazine, L'Officiel and Quintessentially Travel. Her work has also been featured in The Sunday Times, Urban Outfitters, SUITCASE Magazine, The Guardian, BOE & Vogue Italia.