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Munsif Molu

Canadian photographer Munsif Molu has juggled a photography career alongside a corporate role within the publishing industry in Dubai for seven years until recently when he finally plunged into the freelance world.  It was his love for travel and fascination with photojournalism that essentially got him started with photography.  With an objective to immerse himself with his camera, he took a sabbatical which lasted 18 months, travelling all over India whilst exploring this medium.  After this life changing experience, he has never been able to let his camera rest. 
Today,  he continues with his passion of story telling and understanding how light works, albeit in a different genre then what he started with.  Munsifshoots fashion stories and portraits for a variety of publications both locally and internationally.   His affinity towards photojournalism however still has him shooting candid street images both at home and on his travels.  He also gets to practice his documentary skills at a variety of high profile events that he covers in Dubai.

 has worked with clients like Art Dubai, Alpha, Coolture Magazine, Design Days Dubai, Fashion Forward Dubai, Friday, Grazia, LaHazaat, Marie Claire, Mojeh, MTV India, Puma, Stylist Arabia and VH1. 
You can see his work here.