In-Depth Food Photography

Matt Armendariz

Processing - Confident Beginner

Sun, Mar 09, 2014      09:00-17:00
Mon, Mar 10, 2014      09:00-17:00

Class Size
This workshop is limited to 12 students only


As a very specialized and disciplined facet of photography, food photography has its own set of practices and challenges. Creating striking images of food requires technical skill and artistry as well as a knowledge of food and its inherent properties. In this workshop, professional food photographer Matt Armendariz teaches you how to understand how the camera sees food, what makes a successful image that sells and tells a story as well as one that engages the viewer emotionally and with appetite. Incorporating props, lighting, surfaces, current and past trends as well as an extreme attention to detail, this class will walk you through the steps of a food photo shoot.

We will cover angles, camera and lenses, props, natural and supplemental light sources, color balance, editing, art direction, working with stylists, difficult foods, challenges, retouching techniques and tips and foodrelated topics like photographing chefs and farmers, restaurants, people + food.

Who Should Attend
You are a very confident user of priority shooting modes. You are familiar with simple lighting set ups and have had some hands on time with lighting equipment. You are aiming to consolidate your understanding and improve basic techniques as well as be introduced to some new ideas and techniques that will give you the confidence to experiment with different creative outcomes.

An interest in cooking (and eating) is beneficial!

2 day workshop

What you should bring
* your own camera
* tripod
* lenses (macro or zoom and nothing too wide)
* card readers
* your laptop with the ability to shoot in tethered mode to Adobe Lightroom, Capture One Pro or Canon/Nikon software.
* Some tethering cables will be provided, but please bring your own if you have it or your camera has special requirements

If you don't have the required software, please note that you can download 30day trial versions of Lightroom and Capture One Pro online. 
Please ensure that these programs are loaded and working before the workshop. 

NOTE ON LOCATION: Location of this workshop will be confirmed at a later date. We will email you the details closer to the date.